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Drilling Cover 1 – Rambo Drill

The following is a brief overview of the Rambo Drill we use to teach our linebackers to defend 1-back formations in Cover 1-Rat.  This is a simple drill that is at the heart of the Cover 1-Rat scheme.  For more details on this coverage, and other drills to help install it, check out The No Fly Zone.

 Rambo Drill

This drill is used to teach the Rambo technique to the linebackers.  Five cones are setup to represent the offensive Center, Guards, and Tackles. The linebackers align based on the various fronts you will run.  An extra linebacker plays the role of the running back and aligns in various locations to simulate the 1-back alignments used by the opponent.  A coach will signal if the back should release or block and indicate the direction he should go.  The linebackers will read the running back and execute their Rambo technique.  The linebacker to the side the running back releases will cover him man to man.  The other linebacker will drop to the low hole area to become the Rat.



If the running back does not release on a pass route but instead stays in to block, the linebacker to the side the back blocks will blitz through the running back.  The other linebacker will drop to the low hole area to become the Rat.


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